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Post-Landing Services

About Post-Landing Services

As you might be aware, the visa process accounts for just half of the immigration process. Getting your visa indicates that you are ready to travel to your dream destination, but what happens once you arrive? How would you know what your first move should be? As a result, our post-landing facilities are exactly what we have to give you. We make certain that we assist you all the way to your migration. As much as we are there to congratulate you on obtaining a visa, we also assist you in overcoming any challenges you can encounter once you arrive.

We understand that you would feel isolated and helpless in alien surroundings if you didn’t have a strong support structure in place. As a result, our excellent post-landing facilities are tailored to ensure that you receive all necessary assistance and advice to quickly and easily settle in your new country.

We include all possible post-landing facilities, from airport pickup to assisting you in finding decent and affordable lodging.

With PVI on board, you’ll never be alone.

How can we help ?

    Assistance with settling in and navigating Canada –

    1.Post Landing Services That We Offer

    • We will assist you with the application process for a health card or a medical card.
    • Providing instructions on how to obtain your 9-digit Social Insurance Number (SIN Number), which is required for jobs in Canada.
    • Information about the initial temporary application process is being shared.
    • Supporting SIM cards and assisting you in deciding which card to get in Canada.
    • Guidance about how to apply for your G1, G2, or G driver’s licence.
    • Providing guidance on how to purchase your own transportation.
    • Providing information on the Pesto Card Travel Card.
    Post Landing Services | Canada Airport Pickup

    2. Service scope for mandatory reporting-

    • Pickup from the airport and switch to your pre-arranged lodging.
    • Assisting you with any paperwork that you might be asked for at the airport.
    • Assisting you with the opening of a bank account and the application for a credit card.
    • Providing information on various locations where you can purchase extremely low-cost groceries.
    • I’m going to share some information about a place where you can get really cheap home decor or household items.
    • Connecting you with top real estate agents and assisting you in finding a nice place to stay.
    • For your convenience, we provide information on any mode of transportation available in Canada.
    • School advice, as well as the admissions process for children.
    Post Landing Services | Canada Airport Pickup

    3. Scope of Job Search Services-

    • Providing job search assistance that is both helpful and results-oriented.
    • We’ll walk you through the various professional licencing or registration criteria and provide any necessary assistance.
    • According to your NOC work code, you will share details about potential recruiters.
    • Providing guidance on the various tests that must be passed in order to obtain a professional licence and registration.
    • Our specialised content writers can rewrite your resume according to Canadian standards.
    • Creating cover letters for your resume in order to attract employers’ interest.
    • Creating cover letters for your resume in order to attract employers’ interest.
    • Assisting you in preparing for important interviews
    Post Landing Services | Canada Airport Pickup

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    Post Landing Services | Canada Airport Pickup