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Nova Scotia Nominee program

Nova Scotia PNP program 2022

Nova Scotia Nominee Program | Nova Scotia PNP program 2022

PNP Requirements in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia was one of the first settlements in the country. Nova Scotia is bordered by sea, beautiful green forests, lakes, and farmland, and offers a high quality of life. Nova Scotia is a nice area to live in Canada because of its low cost of living and expanding cities. Because Nova Scotia has a major services sector, there are lots of career prospects for all settlers.

The Nova Scotia Nomination Program is the most efficient way to relocate to Nova Scotia (NSNP). The NSNP seeks highly qualified applicants who can contribute to Nova Scotia’s development. The Nova Scotia Nominee Program allows the province to satisfy the needs of its local labour market by selecting immigrants with the necessary skills and experience for provincial nomination.

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    What are the Minimum Eligibility Requirements for the NSNP ?

    For all of the aforementioned Immigration Routes –

    • On the stream’s six selection factors, you must have a minimum score of 67 points or above.
    • You must have at least one year of experience in the field of the job offer.
    • To work in your field, you must have the appropriate educational qualifications. Your educational certificates are comparable to those issued by the Canadian educational system.
    • You must demonstrate that you have a minimum settlement fund and that you intend to reside and work in Nova Scotia.
    • In your present nation of residence, you must have legal status.
    • You must be able to communicate at the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) Level 5 level.
    • You should be between the ages of 18 and 49.

    How Can I apply for the PNP programme in Nova Scotia?

    The processing time for an application in the Nova Scotia PNP programme is approximately 3 to 6 months. The following are the two key steps in submitting a Nova Scotia application:

    1- Express Entry Profile –  For the PNP procedure, you must create an Express Entry profile. After that, go to the CIC website and fill out the form with your information, such as your education, age, work experience, language competency, and so on. Select Nova Scotia in the section where you want to move in Canada.

    2- NSNP Profile – You should create an NSNP profile after completing your Express Entry profile. Your application will be handled faster as a result of this. After you’ve submitted all of the required paperwork. If you followed the documentation procedure correctly and received a high score, you will need to wait for an NSNP nomination. After that, you’ll have to wait for the next Express Entry Draw to acquire your ITA and then apply for a PR visa in Canada.

    Nova Scotia Nominee Program | Nova Scotia PNP program 2022

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