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Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Manitoba – PNP Program 2020

Processing Time & Requirements

The Province of Canada Manitoba is one of the best areas to live and work in Canada. Natural beauty, clean and pleasant communities, and a better quality of life for you and your family. Manitoba boasts one of Canada’s most developed economies, with a low cost of living and numerous opportunities for quality jobs, education, and company start-up. The Manitoba PNP programme is one of the most popular ways to obtain permanent residence in Canada these days.

Manitoba’s free public health care and education systems are among the best in the country.

There is a high need for skilled workers, professionals, and tradesmen in Manitoba’s PNP programme. By 2020, Manitoba’s government anticipates a labour deficit of approximately 20,000 skilled workers. Manitoba Provincial Nominee Scheme (MPNP) is a programme that allows highly skilled individuals and professionals to get a Permanent Resident Visa in Canada.

Ξ  The Provincial Nominee Program is divided into three streams. These streams also include sub-categories that you can apply to on your own to find a suitable programme.


1. Stream of Skilled Worker
♦ Manitoba Skilled worker
♦ Overseas Skilled worker

   2 . Stream of Business Investor
♦ Entrepreneur Pathway
♦ Farm investor pathway

   3 . Stream of International Educational
♦ International Student entrepreneur
♦ Career employment pathway
♦ Graduate internship pathway

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    What is the process for Applying for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program?

    The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is the quickest and easiest option for anyone with a connection to Manitoba. These ties are bolstered through the use of relatives or friends in Manitoba. If you already have one and would like to apply for a Manitoba PNP, follow these three steps:

    Step -1
    Expression of interest:– An Expression of Interest is an online profile filled out with information such as your work experience, age, educational qualifications, language competence, and so on. Your information will be added to a pool of all qualified applicants and will be valid for a year. Based on your answer, you will be awarded EOI Ranking Points.

    Step -2 
    Invitation to Apply:- The MPNP invites the pool’s top scorers to submit a comprehensive application to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program on a regular basis.

    Step -3 
    Nomination:- Following a thorough assessment, the MPNP selects qualified individuals to submit a new application to the Government of Canada for permanent resident visas for you and your family.

     To increase your chances of success as a skilled worker abroad, you must establish an authentic link in the state through a relative or friend. Only the following connections are accepted as part of your relationship with Manitoba:

    1- Brother
    2- Sister
    3- father
    4- Mother
    5- Grandfather
    6- Grandmother
    7- Niece
    8- Uncle & Aunt
    9- Close friend
    10- Other Relative

    Manitoba PNP Eligibility Requirements

    • To be considered for immigration, you must score at least 60 out of 100.
    • On your job line, you should be able to demonstrate two years of work experience.
    • You must be able to provide the Manitoba immigration office with a comprehensive settlement plan and demonstrate your desire to live in Manitoba.
    • You’ll need an IELTS score of at least 4.5 in all four bands.

    » Check Your Manitoba PNP Points Score by Clicking Here

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    What Documents Do I Need for the Manitoba PNP ?

    Aside from the previously listed criteria, the MPNP additionally requires a number of documents to verify the applicant’s immigration plan. The timely and proper submission of legitimate documents is critical to obtaining a visa to Manitoba. The following are the files you’ll need to successfully submit an application to Manitoba:

    1- Certificates of academic achievement
    2- Authorities back up identity proof.
    3- Certificates for offspring who are financially dependant
    4- Passports and other travel documents in their original form
    5- Proof of IELTS Speech Fluency
    6- Proof of work expertise that is valid
    7- Manitoba has evidence of a fund settlement.
    8- Certificates of Police, Health, and Character

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    Applying for Manitoba Immigration is a time-consuming and stressful process, since they constantly update their occupation list and crucial restrictions. It is best to seek professional counsel before submitting a profile. Manitoba immigration required extensive and time-consuming paperwork. With our extensive knowledge in the field, JC Immigration can assist you in the paperwork and submission of your profile.

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