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Hongkong Immigration

Hong Kong has one of the world’s lowest levels of corruption. Hong Kong’s powerful public administration, as well as the Independent Commission Against Corruption, are responsible for this (ICAC). If you want to live and work in a different country, Hong Kong is a great place to go. You could be eligible for a work visa if you have the right mix of credentials and professional experience. JC Immigration will help you realize your dream of moving to Hong Kong.
In most industries, salaries in Hong Kong are higher than in Australia, Singapore, or the United Kingdom. Hong Kong is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city that is a shopper’s paradise with a diverse range of restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. With arts centres, museums, and libraries, it is a city of eastern and western culture.


  • Product testing and inspection, arbitration and mediation, trade finance reporting, and insurance are examples of logistics and trade-supporting services.
  • The cultural and creative industries (CCI) are one of Hong Kong’s most diverse markets, leading to job development and economic growth.
  • Financial services, trading and logistics, tourism, and technical and producer services, among others, have been the driving force behind Hong Kong’s economic development.
  • Hong Kong’s service-oriented economy is characterized by low taxes, near-free port trade, and a well-established international financial industry, making it one of the world’s leading international financial centres.
  • Hong Kong has a free-market economy that is heavily reliant on foreign trade and finance; the volume of goods and services trade, including re-exports, is about four times GDP.
  • Just four goods are subject to excise duties in Hong Kong: hard alcohol, tobacco, hydrocarbon oil, and methyl alcohol.
Hongkong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS Visa)

In February 2006, the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS) visa was launched. The Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is a point-based system in which you must score 80/195 on the General Test or 195 on the Achievement Based Points Test to be admitted. The points are determined by your age, education, job experience, language skills, and dependents.
The QMAS visa is normally only valid for one year. However, you can quickly renew it. You, as a visa holder, have the option of renewing your visa before the year is over.
If you want to prolong your stay in Hong Kong, you must apply at least four weeks before your current stay expires.

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    Benefits of Hong Kong Immigration

    Now, let’s take a look at some of the most important advantages of moving to Hong Kong!

    • Since Hong Kong has a high per capita income, foreign professionals’ living expenses are lower than in other developed countries. It means that living and working in the country does not require a large financial investment.
    • Many people are drawn to it because of its low tax rate and free market.
    • The HK QMAS program recruits professionals from around the world and offers them rewarding and well-paying jobs with better pay and benefits.
    • Hong Kong has a very high standard of living, with many social services available to immigrants. You do not have to think about state social benefits if you live in a global city because they are automatically given to you.
    • People are generally welcoming to immigrants and will make you feel at ease. There is no racial discrimination or bigotry here!
    • In comparison to other immigration destinations, obtaining a work permit in Hong Kong is relatively easy.
    • The city-territories state’s are home to a large number of Asians, especially Indians. As a result, you do not feel as though you are in an unfamiliar environment.
    • HONGKONG’s tax rates are extremely low.
    • Job openings abound, as does the pay scale.
    • The cost of living is lower than in many other nations, and there are social advantages such as free education for children.
    How To Apply For A Canadian Visa

    Eligibility Criteria

    Individuals seeking to enter Hong Kong under the Quality Migrant Admission must meet the following requirements:

    1. Point based Test :
      Prevailing minimum passing mark is 80.
    2. Age :
      At least 18 years old.
    3. Financial requirement :
      Capable of supporting and accommodating himself and his dependents on his or her own financial resources during his or her stay in Hong Kong without relying on public assistance.
    4. Good character :
      In Hong Kong or elsewhere, there is no criminal record or adverse immigration record.
    5. Language proficiency :
      IELTS 6.5 overall or proficiency in written and spoken English or Chinese is required (Putonghua or Cantonese).
    6. Qualification :
      A first degree from a recognized university or tertiary educational institution is typically required.
    7. National :
      Nationals of Afghanistan, Cambodia, Cuba, Laos, Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of), Nepal, and Vietnam are not eligible for the Scheme.

    Eligibility for further Extension:

    He or she has made a significant contribution to Hong Kong, such as working as a graduate, professional, or senior level employee or establishing a reasonable-sized company in Hong Kong.

    Canada PR Visa Eligibility & Process

    The factors and the maximum score for the QMAS visa:

    Age (Maximum 30 Points)

    18-39 30
    40-44 20
    45-50 10
    51 or above -

    Academic/Professional Qualifications (Maximum 70 points)

    Two or more master's degrees or a doctorate 40
    Minimum of two bachelor's degrees/ Professional Qualification 20
    Master's Degree from a nationally or globally recognized institution/ Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) 10
    Extra credit points if a bachelor's degree or higher is awarded by a well-known, globally recognized organization 30

    Work Experience (Maximum 55 points)

    In not less than 10 years, at least 5 years in a senior position. 40
    2 years in a senior role in A minimum of 5 years' experience is required. 30
    Work experience at the specialist level for at least 5 years is needed. 15
    Job experience at the specialist level for at least two years 5
    In not less than 2 years, you must have professional level work experience with foreign exposure (Additional score) 15

    Talent List (Maximum 30 points)

    Talent List (Maximum 30 points) 30

    Language Proficiency (Maximum 20 points)

    Written and spoken Chinese as well as English are both proficient. 20
    At least one foreign language is spoken fluently. 15
    Being able to communicate in Chinese or English, both written and spoken 10

    Family Background (Maximum 20 points)

    At least one permanent member of one's immediate family resides in Hong Kong. 5
    The accompanying married partner holds a bachelor's degree or higher. 5
    Each dependent child under the age of 18 receives 5 points. 5 (Max. 10)
    If your occupation qualifies you (Additional) 30

    The following are the steps to take when applying for a Hong Kong QMAS Visa:
    Step 1: Need of meeting eligibility requirement :
    Complete and meet the visa’s minimum eligibility requirements. If you are good, you will be rewarded with points.
    Step 2: Get through Points-based test
    After you’ve completed the criteria, take the General Points Achievement based Points test to get your profile evaluated. Since you’re applying on your own, you’ll need to test yourself first.
    Step 3: Allocation of the Quota
    For the purpose of allocating the quota, the Hong Kong government conducts selection exercises. Candidates who meet the eligibility requirements will be ranked based on their scores during each exercise.
    Step 4: Approval-in-Principle Letter
    An Approval-in-Principle letter will be given if you are successful in securing a quota. You must now apply for a visit visa and attend an in-person interview in Hong Kong.
    Step 5: QMAS Visa
    If you prove and have all of your documents checked during the in-person interview, you will be granted a visa or entry permit under the QMAS visa.

    Canada PR Visa Eligibility & Process

    Documents Required
    The Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme needs the following documents:

    1. A valid passport is required.
    2. Pass the Ielts Test or meet the minimum language standards
    3. Academic degrees from the tenth grade onward.
    4. Professional qualifications, such as an offer letter, an appointment letter, or a letter of relief, among others.
    5. Your field of work must be on the Hong Kong Talent List.
    6. A police clearance certificate from the local police department.
    7. Additional supporting documentation

    Services Offered
    With our Hong Kong immigration experience, we can help you with:

    1. Checklist of immigration documents for Hong Kong migration
    2. Complete application processing in order to obtain a Hong Kong TR visa in the shortest time possible.
    3. Our experts will file forms, paperwork, and applications on your behalf.
    4. Follow-up and updates
    5. Hong Kong job search programmes for newcomers
    6. Assistance with relocation and post-landing in Hong Kong to make travelling and living easier.
    Canada Express Entry Program Application

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    Please submit your question so that we can better understand your specific visa requirements. A representative will contact you.

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