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Canada PR Visa

Canada PR visa – How to apply for Canada PR Visa?


What is Canada Permanent resident visa

Qualified applicants are granted a Canada PR Visa, which allows them to work and reside in Canada for an indefinite period of time before applying for citizenship. For example, to obtain a permanent residence visa in Canada, an applicant must send an application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) under the Express entry programme.

Immigrants from all over the world are flocking to Canada to start a new life. The processing time for a Canada visa is about 6-8 months. The United Nations has announced that entering Canada via a Canada Permanent Resident Visa is the safest and easiest choice for permanent residency anywhere on the planet. As a result, the UN has declared these items based on many persuasive factors such as quality/standard of living, country climate, individual protection, job opportunities, and so on.

Benefits of Permanent Residency in Canada?

  • You can live, work, and study in any province or territory of Canada with a PR visa.
  • After three years or 1095 days as a permanent resident of Canada, you can apply for citizenship.
  • Healthcare is given at no cost to the whole family (Including spouse and Children)
  • Unemployment benefits and other social benefits
  • Allowances for child care and free tuition.
  • The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as Canadian law, provide excellent protection.

How can we help ?

    What is Canada Express Entry?

    Express Entry is Canada’s primary route for skilled immigrants seeking permanent residency in the country. The quickest way to obtain a Canada PR Visa is to use Canada Express Entry. What is the protocol for entering Canada Express? Express Entry is in charge of processing applications for three of Canada’s most common economic immigration programs.

    • Federal Skilled Worker Program
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program
    • Canadian Experience Class.

    Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

    The Federal Skilled Worker Program is Canada’s most common immigration program, enabling skilled workers and their families to become permanent residents of the country while still receiving various social benefits.
    The first step in applying for a Federal Skilled Worker visa in Canada is to build an online Express Entry profile on the IRCC’s website to express interest in living and working in Canada.
    Federal Skilled Worker candidates receive a score from Express Entry’s Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), which determines their place in the pool of qualifying candidates, based on the expertise they include in their profile.

    Minimum Eligibility Criteria

    Every 15 days, the government of Canada sends Invitations To Apply (ITAs) to the top-ranked candidates in the Express Entry pool. and makes the CRS cut-off score public. Candidates may take steps to improve their ranking while in the pool, such as increasing their IELTS score, applying for the PNP program, and so on. CRS scores are not set and differ in almost every draw, and candidates may take steps to improve their ranking while in the pool, such as increasing their IELTS score, applying for the PNP program, and so on.
    The IRCC uses a specific points grid to determine whether or not a candidate is qualified for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, which is based on the applicant’s age, education, job experience, language test performance, and relation to Canada, among other factors.
    For applicants to apply for a Canada PR visa, a specific Eligibility examination was required. Only the top-ranked applicants in the Express Entry pool, however, are invited to apply for a permanent residence visa in Canada.
    To be accepted for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, applicants must meet the program’s minimum standards for employment, language capacity, and education, as well as score at least 67 points on a 100-point scale. Age, schooling, work experience, arranged jobs, language capacity, and adaptability are all factors included in the program’s selection factors grid.
    • EDUCATION: For your formal education, you can earn up to 25 points.
    • LANGUAGE SKILLS: Your language skills in English and/or French will earn you up to 28 total points.
    • WORK EXPERIENCE: You can get up to 15 points for certain paying, professional job experience you’ve had in the last 10 years if you meet the criteria, but you’ll need at least a nine-point score to apply.
    • AGE: Based on your age at the time of application, you will receive up to 12 points.
    • ARRANGED EMPLOYMENT: If you have arranged employment in Canada that meets certain criteria, you can earn up to 10 points.
    • ADAPTABILITY: A variety of factors that illustrate your adaptability to moving to Canada will win you up to ten points.

    Annual Salaries Trends in Canada in 2020
    Information Technology₹ 44.8 lacs
    Legal₹ 44.2 lacs
    Engineering₹ 43.3 lacs
    Finance₹ 39.2 lacs
    Healthcare & Social sevices₹ 36.3 lacs
    Sales & Marketing₹ 32.4 lacs
    Construction & Maintenance₹ 29.9 lacs
    Childcare & Education₹ 28.1 lacs
    Accounting & Administration₹ 27.9 lacs
    Transportation₹ 23.5 lacs
    Art₹ 20.9 lacs
    Retail & Customer service₹ 20.1 lacs
    Food services₹ 17.6 lacs
    Shipping & Manufacturing₹ 17.6 lacs

    Step by Step process for Canada PR Visa !

    Immigration is a complicated procedure that can be intimidating at times. As a consequence, it is important that you follow our protocols in order to have a stress-free immigration experience.

    STEP 01: Get your ECA done (ECA processing time ~ 6–8 weeks)

    ECA is a (Education Credential Assessment). Done by several evaluation agencies (one of which is WES) administer it, and it provides you with a Canadian equivalent degree assessment of your native country education.

    Step 2: Applying for ECA (Educational Credential assessment: 6-8 weeks

    Multiple organizations (WES/ICAS/IQAS/CES- etc.) conduct ECA (Education Credential Assessment) and provide you with a certificate for a Canadian equivalent degree assessment in your native country education.

    STEP 03: Create Express Entry profile with your IELTS score and ECA

    When you create an Express Entry profile, you enter a waiting list of candidates (Invitation to Apply). Make sure all of the information in your profile is right, as you will be asked to provide evidence of all of it if you are chosen for further consideration.

    Step 4: Wait for the Invitation To Apply (ITA)

    In almost every 15 days, the government of Canada sends out Invitations To Apply (ITAs) to the top-ranked candidates in the Express Entry pool. and makes the CRS cut-off score public. Candidates may take steps to improve their ranking while in the pool by increasing their IELTS score, applying for the PNP program, and so on. CRS scores are not set and differ in almost every draw, and candidates may take steps to improve their ranking while in the pool by increasing their IELTS score, applying for the PNP program, and so on.

    Step 5: Post ITA

    You have two months (60 days) to send your documents in scanned form, including job letters, IELTS score cards, reference letters, educational documents, passports, and so on. In summary, after receiving an invitation to apply from Canada, candidates must submit documentation and proof of all of the details mentioned in their Express Entry Profile, as well as a few other supporting documents and proof of Funds.

    Step 6: Biometric, pay Immigration Fee and wait for the PPR

    The documentation and information given will be checked by Canadian Immigration officers after they have been submitted, biometrics have been completed (including dependents), and the Immigration fees have been paid. Processing of a Canada PR visa typically takes 4-6 months, depending on factors such as the form of application, the countries to which an individual has previously belonged, and so on. Candidates must also apply for a Medical Clearance Certificate and a Police Clearance Certificate to send in the immigration office at this stage.

    Step 7: Passport Request from Immigration office

    Passport after verification the immigration office sends a request for submission. Candidates must apply their passports and receive a Canada COPR (Confirmation of PR).
    Candidates are informed of the outcome of their application by mail once the documents have been checked. Following successful screening, candidates must apply all applicants’ passports for Visa Stamping and COPR. VFS Global submits the passport (including dependents) and the stamped passports are returned to the assigned address within 7 days, along with 2 copies of the COPR and the time period to travel within.

    Step 8: Fly Canada on COPR and apply for PR card

    Applicants are allowed to fly to Canada for the duration of the passport. The term is normally until the expiration of the passport or the expiration of the medical evidence, whichever comes first. In any case, it won’t be more than a year.
    You must pay the right to PR visa fee / Post landing fee of 550 CAD when you arrive in Canada ( Per Adult). Your children will not be paid any post-landing fees.

    Settlement funds required for Canada PR Visa -(Updated on January 1, 2020)
    1Required Funds (In-CAD)
    For each additional family member, add$3,492

    What is Canada Express Entry processing time?

    According to the IRCC, 80 percent of Express Entry applications for PR visas are processed within six months of receipt. This is the document that the applicant submits after receiving an ITA and preparing their formal permanent residency application.
    However, processing times differ from one application to the next. The time it takes to complete all of the steps in the Canada Express entry process is normally 8-10 months.

    Expenses involved in Canada PR

    Before entering the Pool
    • ECA fees – $227 CAD to $322 CAD (per adult)
    • IELTS fees – INR 14,000  (per adult)
    Government Fees
    • Application processing fees – $825 CAD (per adult)
    • Right of Permanent Residence fees – $500 CAD (per adult)
    • Include a dependent child(ren) – $225 (per child)
    Miscellaneous Expenses
    • Medical – INR 3,000- 4,000 approx. (per applicant)
    • PCC – INR 500  (per adult)

    You would also be allowed to display evidence of funds in addition to these Expenditures. These funds must be available at the time of the ITA request. You are excluded from this provision if you have a legitimate work offer or application through CEC.


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